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Join Idube Photo Safaris on the African Photo Safari of a lifetime.

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Go on an African Photo safari with Idube Safaris and experience Africa up close and personal.

Photography Workshops Click Here Join Professional photographers Kevin DooleyKevin KubotaJerry Ghionis,Rick Sammon, Mike and Tina Timmons ,Yervant,  and other well know professional photographers on an African photo Safari and Photography workshop. 

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Idube Photo Safaris is all about Photography and Photography workshops. Kevin Dooley is a professional wildlife and Portrait Photographer as well as a Qualified FGASA Nature Guide.

Music Safari Workshops Click Here Join Idube photo safaris on one of our famous music workshop and African Safari combinations Bob Emmert Banjo SafariSteve Kufman Guitar Safari [/

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Honeymoon/Anniversary Safari Click Here A special Safari designed with romance and adventure.[/box

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Alaskan Brown Bear Photography Workshop Click Here A special Alaska Bear Photography experence designed for learning photography with fun and adventure.


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Join Idube Safaris  on this amazing Alaskan Bear Photography Workshop

Imagine photographing the Alaskan Brown Bear, in one of the most scenic places in the world. This is a specialized photography workshop and Bear Safari with your comfort in mind. We will be staying at the world famous Silver Salmon Creek Lodge where in addition to Brown Bear Photography, fishing, claiming, gourmet food, and relaxing can all be a part of your Bear Photography workshop.

Horse Training Safari Workshop This horse training workshop is like no other, learn new horses training techniques while on safari, designed with fun and adventure.

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African Safari Lodges Click Here   With years of African Safari experience Idube photo Safaris has selected some of the best lodges in Southern Africa. 


MalaMala 07_03, MalaMala Main Camp                     Safari Lodges                Mashatu-Boma-21 

Wildlife Photography, Safari Comfort and Mouth Watering Cuisine, our top safari lodge priorities.

Professional wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley and South African Tricia Dooley have spent years traveling and researching some of the best African Safari Lodges in Southern Africa. Taking both comfort and photographic opportunities into consideration, we have carefully selected our Safari lodges, to provide both outstanding wildlife photography and exceptional comfort and cuisine.



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