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Polar Bear safari

Polar Bear photography Workshop

Polar Bear photography Workshop Today I find myself flying over the Arctic nature refuge . The brown tundra is fitted with a massive mapping of caribou trails and winding rivers that flow from the Giant snow capped Brooks range and down to the Arctic ocean. The sky’s are crystal clear and the visibility is what […]

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Idube Bear Safaris

Alaskan Wolf Sighting.

    Wolf I wrote this blog on one of our Alaska Bear Safari mornings. It was about 5:30 AM and I find that to be a great time for working on my writing. In September the sun is very slow to rise, so we normally do not get out and start photographing the bears […]

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African Photo Safaris

Sigma 100-400 vs Canon 100-400

  Hi everyone. As most of you know I am a big fan of Canon lenses and cameras. However Sigma has really been using the game. The new sigma lenses are really stunning. I have gotten many award winning images with the sigma 150-600 sport, my favorite wildlife lens. I have herd great things about […]

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Safari Photography Guide.

Photographic Safari Must Knows

Photographic Safari Must Knows.     How to pick a photographic safari. When searching for a photographic safari, it can be a whirlpool of confusing choices. The overwhelming number of options in selecting a country alone is challenging and downright scary. Once a country has been selected, the numerous Safari Lodges and the many Game […]

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Idube Safari Guest wins Photo Award.

What an honor it was to receive the news that one of our safari guests has received the Partners Pick award. It is such an honor to know that our safari guests are able to get the images that can lead to such extraordinary accomplishments. Nancy Rice and Mary Lee were an absolute pleasure to […]

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Photography Composition Wildlife workshop part two

Photography Composition Wildlife Workshop Part Two You Tube Lesson Link Composition Composition is the placement of the subject with in the photograph that is pleasing to the viewer. Keeping the viewer interested in the image, and keeping the viewers attention. A set of rules that prevents the random placement of items with in a contained […]

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Alaska Bear tours

Lessons in wildlife photography

Lessons in wildlife photography Close up or Environmental.  Close up is normally a head or full body Image where the subject stands on its own. The background is normally out of focus and does not interfere with the subject. (background blur is created by the lens compression and the lens F stop setting). The stronger […]

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African Wine Safari

Cape Town Wine Safari.

Cape Town Wine Safari. Reserving Now. Will Fill up fast. 505-401-2988 We are so excited about our upcoming African Safari and wine experience in October of 2018 with Ross Halleck. What a combination with both a full African Safari at our Thakadu camp and beautiful vineyards of cape town. African Safari and Wine Experience October […]

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Safari Camera Bag

Perfect Camera Bag for Adventure Photographers

  As a nature, wildlife and wedding photographer, I often have times when I need to grab a bit of my gear and get a move on. The Photocross is the perfect solution to this type of photographic situation. Often we have mountains to climb, rivers to cross, and wildlife to get to quickly. No […]

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Rick Sammon Joins us in Africa 2019 Gorillas

Rick Sammon Joins us in Africa 2019 Gorillas Masai Mara and Gorilla Trek African Combo Safari photography workshop with Rick Sammon April 3-12 2019 April 3-12 2019 Depart USA April 2nd. A full African Safari that takes place in two of the most beautiful and unique Safari areas in Africa. This is an amazing opportunity to […]

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