Safari Camera Support and Gimbal Heads

Please call us to reserve. We only have limited supply of these set ups.  505-401-2988

We carry both bean bag type support as well as attachable Gimbal style tripod heads both for sale and for rent.

Although we suggest you bring a tripod for some applications and locations, they are very difficult to use on the Safari Vehicles. We have found that using a gimbal style head and a bean bag that will fasten to your seat armrest is by far one of the best ways to photograph from a safari vehicle, especially if you are using large lenses and during the early morning and late afternoon/early evening hours.

Bean Bag with Movo GH700 Gimbal Tripod Head Rental- $79.00

Movo Gimbal head Rental- $49.00

Apex Bean Bag Rental- $49.99

To purchase the Apex Bean Bag from Idube Photo Safaris- $129.99 + Shipping*

Vehicle Mounted Professional Safari Arm- $179

*Purchases can be provided at safari location for no extra charge.





$_57           EPGproductApex             


With Movo Gimbal Head                             Apex Bean Bag Support                         Vehicle-Mounted Profesional Safari Arm


Safari Arm only available at the following lodges:

  • Mashatu
  • Takadu
  • Mala Mala
  • Makalali


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