Lesedi Cultural Center


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Idube Photo Safaris often starts or ends our Safari Itinerary at this amazing, fun, and adventures, location.
Lesedi African Lodge and Cultural village is located in the heart of the African bushveld and rocky hills, in the Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site.
Be set to be enthralled in an adventure that reveals the mystical cultures and traditions of the people of Africa, as you encounter five traditional homesteads, each inhabited by Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele tribes who live according to tribal folklore and traditions of their ancestors."Our culture is the light of our nation – whoever walks here amongst our cultures at Lesedi can also see the light”.

A warm, traditional welcome awaits as your escort takes you to "their’ village. Accommodation is unique as you stay in comfortable, traditionally styled rooms, and once settled, you’re introduced to the many colourful and fascinating aspects of the cultures of the people of Lesedi.

New additions to the village and African Lodge are the luxury Nguni rooms which include richly decorated double suites. These carry the same vibrant colours and energy as the other guestrooms in the village and are also unique to the Zulu tribe they represent, adding to the existing accommodation options.

Start your journey at the Ndebele village with an introduction to the cultural experience preceded by a multi-media presentation on the history and origins of South Africa’s rainbow nation. Then, enjoy a guided tour of the other four ethnic homesteads – Zulu, Basotho, Xhosa and Pedi. As the sun sets over the African bush, visit the Boma for a very interactive affair of traditional singing and dancing, which depict stories dating back to the days of their ancestors.

Dine in the Nyama Choma Restaurant, featuring ethnic dishes, a fusion of Pan African cuisine all complemented by warm, traditional service. After a good night’s sleep awaken to the sounds of traditional maskande guitar or squash-box, and enjoy a full English breakfast which is served in the restaurant.

Lesedi and its cultural experience of old and new Africa was co-founded by African explorer, Kingsley Holgate, who is renowned for his vast knowledge and passion for keeping the traditional African culture alive. He has ensured that every attraction to be found at Lesedi is not only fascinating, but enriching. Discover the spirit of "Ubuntu” at this unique cultural venue where the music, song and warmth of Africa’s hospitality awaits.


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Daily Cultural Show
The Monati (lunch) and Boma (dinner) cultural experiences are 2½ hour programs starting at 11:30am and 16:30pm daily. Guests are taken to the Ndebele village where a welcome by all the people of Lesedi, takes place. The program begins with a multi-visual presentation on the history and origins of today’s rainbow nation, followed by a guided tour of the five homesteads. Guests are escorted to the Boma for traditional singing and dancing – a very participative affair!
6G6C8067         Lesedi Slider Dancers
Letsatsi Lapa,
A place where guests can come together as a group for an informal function. Lit up with pots of burning fire which surround the walls of the lapa and a huge bon-fire in the middle. The floor is soft white river sand creating a unique outdoor feeling.
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Dance Show
The Ingoma – An amazing multi-cultural dance show. As the sun sets over the African bush, you’re escorted to the Boma for a very interactive affair of traditional singing and dancing, which depict stories dating back to the days of their ancestors. Thrill to the amazing spectacle of Lesedi's Giant Ngoma, a multi-cultural dance display that will teach you more about our fascinating traditions.
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