Our Newest Safaris

Tigers of India

May 7-172020

Kevin Dooley Thakadu Safari

MArch 3rd - March 12th 2019

Ethiopian Safari

Tribes of Ethiopia

FEB19-28 2020

Predator & Prey

October 14th - 29th

Jaguars of Pantanal

August 5th - 14th 2020

Photographer Kevin Dooley

Friends of Nature

October 15th - 26th 2019

Alaska Bears Workshop

July 20th - 28th 2019

Fall Bears in Alaska

September 6-12 2019

Guest Reviews

Take the trip of a lifetime with Idube Photo Safaris

The pleasure was ours! Thanks so much for all your help, in all the big and little ways you and Tricia made the trip seamless and special. The school trip and the one on one with the field ecologist were such great, thoughtful, special additions to the safari experience. Well Done!

Jim Hudson
Guitar Safari and workshop

Your safari was the most amazing trip ever! The best safari and Lodge experience. The wildlife was definitely the most prolific I have seen! I got amazing shots that are canvases hanging in my home. The food was fabulous, the people in our group were wonderful, making lifelong friendships .

Laura Yoder
Kubota Photography Workshop
Jeff Morrison

I have been on several adventures with Kevin and Tricia Dooley through Idube Photo Safaris, ranging from north of the Arctic Circle photographing bears to South Africa photographing the “big five.” Tricia is a kind, generous soul who always seems to find a way to keep everyone happy, while Kevin’s enthusiasm infuses all his Safari guests with his love of nature and wildlife.

Africa and Alaska

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Tribes of Ethiopia

Tribes of Ethiopia

  Tribes of Ethiopia Safari  March 2019 We are so excited to announce this one of a…